Coming to terms with your substance addiction and quitting it can take a physical and mental toll. Notably, the first few days of your abstinence will likely be challenging. You’ll be vulnerable at this point and need all the help you can get.

But the sad reality is not everyone who needs aid goes out to get it. SAMHSA ‘s 2020 NSDUH Annual National Report reported that in 2020 approximately 40 million people needed addiction treatment, but only around 4 million got professional help.

Detox is the first step to getting professional help and overcoming substance dependence. It primarily entails removing all traces of the drug or alcohol from your body.

That said, there are several benefits to undergoing detox at a specialized center. We’ll explore the advantages of detox before rehab and its importance to your recovery.

Why You Need a Drug Detox Center

You shouldn’t attempt to skip the detox process in substance abuse treatment, and more importantly, it’s beneficial for you to do it at a medical facility. Below is why.

It’s Safer than Cold-Turkey Detox

The most significant benefit of a detox program at a medical center is that it’s much safer than doing it alone. The detoxification process is the most challenging phase of the recovery journey and the point where you’re most vulnerable. You need medical supervision around you at such a time.

Then again, cold-turkey detox from substances like alcohol may adversely affect your health. In extreme cases, the repercussions may be fatal or cause irreparable damage.

For example, withdrawal symptoms like Delirium Tremens and dehydration are sometimes life-threatening. But with medical supervision at a detox treatment center, you can avert such dire situations.

Other common symptoms that occur during detox are hallucinations, seizures, palpitations, and intense cravings. The intensity depends on your addiction level and the substance. But professional care and supervision increases the chances of a smooth recovery.

cold-turkey detox

It Guarantees Round-the-Clock Quality Care

Addiction detox centers have all the necessary equipment and facilities to provide adequate care for you. At the very least, rehab clinics have trained medical staff available on standby round-the-clock to attend to you at a moment’s notice.

High-end clinics may employ some of the best professional therapists, psychologists, and addiction treatment practitioners to attend to you. They also offer state-of-the-art medical facilities to provide the most hospitable treatment during your detox program.

Plus, health practitioners often optimize addiction rehab clinics to be conducive to recovery. While there, you’ll be away from physical cues that trigger your desire for the object of your addiction. In place of those cues, you’ll find new views that’ll foster your rehabilitation.

Everything you’ll encounter at a detox center will help you overcome the most painful phase of your substance dependence treatment. Then, you can begin your journey to complete recovery.

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You Have Access to Community Support

Another reason to consider checking into a detox center is it brings you to a community of fighters like you. You’re not the only one battling addiction, but it’s easy to feel as though you’re all alone, especially if you choose to face it alone.

Finding a community is the best way to avoid falling into this trap. Surround yourself with people who understand what you’re going through and know how to help you.

This is a support group and it brings people together who are going through or have gone through similar experiences.

At a detox center, you’ll meet people who understand what it feels like to go through detox — interact and build camaraderie with them.

Having a support group reassures you through every step of the journey. According to an academic paper from the University of Wollongong, 77% of addiction patients who attend support groups feel a sense of connection and community during their recovery.

community support

You’ll Recover Faster

Home detox comes with a few obstacles and challenges:

  • You’re less likely to have 24-hour support and care from a medical practitioner.
  • You’re likely to encounter your addiction triggers more often at home.
  • You may be cut off from support groups.

With those three factors in your way, your recovery will be slower, excruciating, and frustrating. Chances are, you’ll also not be faithful with taking your medications and observing all other necessary practices for your recovery.

But you won’t have to worry much about that at a detox facility. You have doctors to always administer care and remind you to take your medications. There’s also constant support, and you’re free of your addiction triggers.

That’ll help you focus on recovering. With all the distractions out of the way, you’ll direct your energy on getting clean, which will let you heal faster.

You’ll Develop Healthier Habits

Another benefit of checking into a detox center is it gives you a fresh start. Stepping into a medical facility to start your addiction recovery is like going into a different world. And that new world allows you to start with a clean slate.

But the catch is that in this new world, you only get to do things that prevent you from returning to your addictions. You won’t revert to your old habits. Instead, a detox center optimizes the immediate environment to help you develop new, healthier ones.

Addictions are fundamentally compulsive habits. And, it’s easier to replace a habit than to stop it. As such, the therapists will recommend healthy practices to fill your time with and replace your self-deprecating ones.

The therapist may recommend taking up productive activities such as reading, journaling, painting, dancing, knitting, crocheting, and yoga. These practices are often engaging and will help keep your mind occupied.

You Stand Less Risk of Relapsing

By now, you should have a good grasp on why you need detox to overcome substance abuse. But it’s also worth noting that beginning your recovery journey with a detox will significantly reduce your chance of relapsing.

A comprehensive detox program will help you remove all traces of the substance from your body. It rids your system of all the toxic chemicals, allowing your body to heal without hindrance.

Plus, you’ll be on medical support to help you manage withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are some of the major causes of relapse in recovering addicts. But with medical supervision, you’ll get through the harrowing stages just fine.

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risk of relapsing

Your Chances of Recovery Are Higher with a Medically-Supervised Detox Program

Say you were wondering if drug detox is worth it – the answer is yes. You must start your recovery journey on the right step. And the correct step is a comprehensive detox in a good addiction rehab facility.

Going cold turkey is a bad idea, especially if you’ve become over-dependent on the substance. You may relapse faster than you think or, worse, harm yourself.

Seek professional help, go to a detox center and enjoy the benefits of good medical detox care.

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