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After detox, you will then have to deal with issues that may have been caused by your prior drug or alcohol addiction. This part of the process is called rehabilitation. With the tools that Medical Detox Ontario has, you will have the best solutions available to stay clean and away from drugs and alcohol.

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Private Inpatient Detox – 24 Hour Care

An inpatient detox centre allows for the provision of medical care twenty-four hours a day during the detox process. It is highly recommended for people with severe or long-standing addictions, and for those who are in danger of relapsing if they are sent home in the evenings. Many people who complete an inpatient drug and alcohol detox program at once enter an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program.

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Our Medical Detox Facility

Medical Detox Ontario’s clinic is in the 1000 Islands Region of Canada on the same campus as the 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre. The clinic is in its own secure space and supplies 24/7 medical supervision and care. Medical Detox Ontario serves clients from right across Ontario, Canada, North America and the world. Our team of medical professionals ensures your safety during the most crucial phase of your recovery.

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You Only Have One Life

Medical Addiction Detox

When recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, Medical detoxification, or medical detox, is an essential first step. Alcohol withdrawal is a common life-threatening condition for recovering alcohol addicts. That is also true when it comes to people who are getting addiction treatment. If you are showing signs of physical and psychological dependence on a substance, then medical detox is for you. Here at Medical Detox Ontario, we have the utmost dedication to help those with drug or alcohol use problems. With our top-quality medical detox programs, you can be sure to secure a healthier future. Medical Addiction Ontario’s medical detox program provides a foundation upon which to build new and healthy habits. No matter where you choose to initiate your recovery path, learning about the characteristics of detoxification programs allows you to find the program that best fits your needs.

Alcohol Detox

The withdrawal symptoms related to alcohol addiction can be life-threatening. Stopping alcohol can cause the body to go into shock. Medical supervision is critical when you want to stop.Many people believe that if they want to overcome alcoholism, they can gradually reduce the amount that they drink. However, alcoholism is a dangerous condition that creates a strong physical dependency. Stopping or reducing alcohol consumption can cause the body to go into shock.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be serious – sometimes life-threatening – and for this reason, alcohol detox should be done under medical supervision. Inpatient programs are recommended not only to protect the health and safety of the patient but due to the easy availability of alcohol in non-medical settings.

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Drug Detox

Drug dependence and the symptoms of withdrawal are varied. Medically supervised detox is the only way to ensure a safe transition to being clean. Do not attempt to stop on your own.If you have been using a drug for any length of time, you are likely to have developed some physical and/or psychological dependencies on it. In other words, you feel as if you need the drug in order to survive and function.

Since the effects of most drugs lessen over time, drug users have to take more in order to achieve the desired effects. Their bodies become used to it and go into revolt when they try to stop. The resulting withdrawal symptoms are so uncomfortable – and often frightening – that the individual seeks out more of the drug just to get away from the withdrawal symptoms. Many studies have shown that medically supervised detox can drastically reduce the risk of short-term relapse.

Inpatient drug detox has the following advantages:

  • You are watched round the clock by medical professionals who can act immediately if you experience complications during your detox
  • You are in a supportive setting in which you do not have access to the substance you are addicted to
  • Your detox program is customized for you, with consideration for your age, state of health, the drugs you have been using, the length of your addiction and other relevant factors
  • As you go through the detox process, your supervising doctor can help you identify inpatient rehab programs that are suited to your needs and circumstances
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Opiate Detox

Opiates are a class of drugs that create strong physical and mental dependencies. This category includes the illegal street drug heroin, as well as a number of legal prescription drugs such as morphine, Vicodin, oxycodone and Fentanyl. One of the challenges of opiate addiction is that it frequently starts with users using prescription medication for legitimate purposes, and inadvertently becoming addicted to it. People in this position face the challenge of breaking the dependency while continuing to address the original medical needs.Opiates are popular among medical and recreational users because of their powerful painkilling and sedative properties. In some users, they produce strong feelings of euphoria. When used over time, though, these drugs can have detrimental effects, including the following:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Stomach pain, bloating and constipation
  • Liver failure
  • Brain damage resulting from hypoxia (a shortage of oxygen reaching the tissues)

“Cold turkey” is the practice of abruptly stopping the use of drugs. But when it comes to opiates, it is not necessarily the best choice. Undergoing a detox treatment in a medical detox facility is far better and safer. Here you will receive constant medical supervision as you recover from opiate addiction.

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Inpatient Detox

The first time you use alcohol or a particular drug, you may experience some intense effects. For example, you might feel euphoric or calm, or find that there is an easing of chronic pain. While these effects may seem desirable, they are usually accompanied by harmful effects, like digestive problems, an elevated heart rate or slowed breathing. In some cases, a substance can result in hallucinations, violence and thoughts of suicide.

The second time you use the drug, you will find that you have to take a little more than you did the first time or order to achieve the desired effects. The third time, you will have to take even more. As you gradually build up your dosage and frequency of use, your body and mind become dependant on the drug until you get to the point where you are not able to function without it. At the same time, the negative effects may prompt you to want to stop using the drug, but when you try to quit, you experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable and frightening, and sometimes life-threatening. Many people who try to stop using alcohol or drugs without assistance relapse very quickly, because they are so desperate to escape the unbearable withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient detox is a drug and alcohol withdrawal method whereby you are given round-the-clock medical care as the substance works its way out of your system. Your withdrawal symptoms are managed as they happen, and you are kept safe from the more intense effects. For people with severe or long-standing addictions, and for those who have coexisting physical and mental health conditions, inpatient detox is often the only safe choice.

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Critical Addiction Care

Put Yourself in Caring Hands

When a recovering drug or alcohol addict experiences substance withdrawal, medical detox gives both a safe and effective means of eliminating substances from the body. Our physician-led medical team of experienced nurses and clinical staff will supervise your every step towards a healthier and sober you.

With our team of trained professionals, we can assure you that you get the utmost care for the treatment and management of your addiction concerns. For many substances, withdrawal can cause fluctuations in heart rate, blood pressure and temperature, so these vital signs are closely monitored by nursing staff. A safe detox takes place at a licensed detox facility with medical oversight from experienced and caring staff.

Effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Medical detox is most effective as a component of a larger treatment program that addresses the underlying emotional, spiritual and behavioural causes of addiction.

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Personalized Treatments

Specifically Designed For You

In our medical detox programs, the clinical staff helps tailor medical detox care to each person’s needs. A client will undergo comprehensive evaluations, to make sure every need is met. We will screen the patient for:

  • Drug and alcohol use disorders
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Medical conditions
  • Contributing psychological factors
  • Risk for withdrawal

Medical Detox Ontario specializes in medical detox and addiction withdrawal management. We have an environment that inspires lasting change for recovering addicts.

We know that withdrawal is a very critical phase of a patient’s recovery. That is why we aim to provide you with an individually-tailored medical detox program. Together with our medical detox team, you will get through this phase, the safest and best way possible.

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Do I Need an Inpatient Detox Centre?

Some people with very mild addictions are able to detoxify themselves at home, with occasional visits to a doctor to check progress.

  • The substance you are addicted to
  • How long the addiction has lasted, and how much of the substance you use
  • Your state of physical health, and the presence of any medical conditions
  • Whether or not you are taking medication

Whether you need an inpatient detox program depends on several factors:

Others may receive help from an outpatient detox program, in which they undergo medical treatment during the day and released to go home at the end of each afternoon. This might be a choice for you if:

  • Your addiction is not severe enough to call for round-the-clock medical attention during withdrawal
  • You can receive help from the support of friends and family
  • You and your doctor feel that you will be able to avoid using the substance you are detoxing from
  • You can keep your employment, education and activities

Medical Detox Rehab in Ontario

Difference Between Medical Detox and Addiction Rehab

Medical detox is a key step in the addiction recovery process that should come before rehab. It is important to have a medical assessment for your specific medical situation. Medical detox is a necessary process for those who have developed a physical dependency on the substance they have been using.

Dependence Increases

Dependence on drugs or alcohol increases as you become more accustomed to the substance and you find yourself having to use it more often, and in larger doses, to gain the desired effect. While this is happening, your body is getting used to the substance, and then addiction occurs. Mentally and physically you feel that you can not survive without it. If you try to stop using the drugs or alcohol, your body goes into revolt and you experience withdrawal effects that are uncomfortable and can be life-threatening.

Safest Way

Medical detox is the safest way for people with addictions to free their bodies of addictive dependence. While you are removing your dependence, you need to be supervised by doctors. At our private clinic, patients are kept comfortable, safe and protected from the debilitating effects of withdrawal.

The Next Step is Rehab

Rehab is the next step after detoxification. Rehab therapy includes individual and group counselling, holistic and therapeutic treatment specific to the issues that caused the person to begin using in the first place. For rehab to work, people need to first remove their dependence on the substance. Medical Detox and removing the substance from your body is the most important first step towards addiction recovery.

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Medical Professionals

You Shouldn’t Go It Alone

The most important step in your rehabilitation is removing drugs or alcohol from your system. The only way to do this without outputting your life at risk is with medically supervised detoxification. Our medical professionals care for you 24/7 – 7 days a week.

Our Private In-Patient Treatment Clinic is located in Ontario and serves clients throughout North America and the World.

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What Happens Next?

For those with addiction, overcoming the physical dependency is an essential first step, but it is not enough. We know that almost all addictions are underpinned by issues that need to be addressed in a rehab setting.

The circumstances that lead to addiction are different for everybody, and include the following:

  • Experiencing or seeing a traumatic event
  • A history of child abuse, sexual assault or domestic violence
  • Military combat
  • A history of bullying
  • Mental illness
  • Troubled family relationships

People who undergo medical detox without rehab are at a high risk of relapse because their psychological dependency on the substance has not been addressed.

For more information about how you can get yourself or a loved one started on the road to recovery, call Medical Detox Ontario today and book your assessment.

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Why Choose Medical Detox Ontario?

Convenient Location

We are found on the same campus as one of the most exclusive and successful treatment facilities in the province of Ontario and Canada. Conveniently found 3 hours from the city of Toronto, 2 hours from Montreal and 1.5 hours from Ottawa we can supply easy access to Medical Detoxification services.

VIP Travel ServicesIn partnership with the 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre, Canadians travelling to the Detox Facility from other Provinces or Countries can easily fly into the Ottawa International Airport and then take advantage of an optional VIP valet service.

Medical Detoxification – Licensed Health Care

Licensed Medical supervision is the key part of detoxification. Put yourself in the hands of our caring and professional doctor and nursing team. Round the clock 24/7 supervision and care ensure that you are safe as your body deals with withdrawal.

Partners in Care

We are on the same campus as the 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre. While we offer separate Medical Detoxification programs for those entering rehabilitation programs, we can also ease entry into one of the many drug or alcohol rehab programs available at 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre.

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What Happens During Detox?

When you arrive at our facility, you will be taken through several steps that include the following:


You will meet with an intake therapist who will take down a detailed history that includes your medical information and the path your addiction has taken. We need this information not only so that we can create a customized detox plan that is right for you, but so we can manage potentially dangerous interactions between the addiction and your medical conditions and/or legitimately used prescription drugs.

Settling In

You will be shown around our facility and admitted to your room. During this process, items that are not allowed at the facility will be taken from you and stored until it is time for you to leave. Prohibited items include over-the-counter medications and potentially dangerous items.

Physical Medical Exam

A doctor will examine you to assess your current state of health and find any variables that might affect your detoxification process.


The detox process itself is customized for everyone. Some people are encouraged to engage in supervised physical activity, while others may be confined to bed. The withdrawal symptoms that patients experience include anxiety and depression, mood swings, trembling and shaking, a change in appetite and sleeping patterns, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, fever and panic attacks. Some people with severe addictions experience hallucinations, violent outbursts, and suicidal thoughts. The length of medical detox varies from person to person, but it is typically not more than a few weeks.
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