About Medical Detox Rehab Facility in Toronto

Medical Detox Ontario’s clinic is in the 1000 Islands Region of Canada on the same campus as 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre. The clinic is in its own secure space and supplies 24/7 medical supervision and care. Medical Detox Ontario serves clients from right across Ontario, Canada, North America and the world. Our team of medical professionals ensures your safety during the most crucial phase of your recovery.

Why choose Medical Detox Ontario?

Convenient Location

We are found on the same campus as one of the most exclusive and successful treatment facilities in the province of Ontario and in Canada. Conveniently found 3 hours from the city of Toronto, 2 hours from Montreal and 1.5 hours from Ottawa we can supply easy access to Medical Detoxification services.

VIP Travel Services
In partnership with the 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre, Canadians travelling to the Detox Facility from other Provinces or Countries can easily fly into the Ottawa International Airport and then take advantage of an optional VIP valet service.

Medical Detoxification – Licensed Health Care

Licensed Medical supervision is the key part of detoxification. Put yourself in the hands of our caring and professional doctor and nursing team. Round the clock 24/7 supervision and care ensure that you are safe as your body deals with withdrawal.

Partners in Care

We are on the same campus as 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre. While we offer separate Medical Detoxification programs for those entering rehabilitation programs, we can also ease entry into one of the many drug or alcohol rehab programs available at 1000 Islands Wellness & Treatment Centre. 


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