Addiction detox is an essential step in addiction recovery. Detoxification is the process of purifying your body of all addictive substances. It usually seems like something you can do independently, but doing it without supervision is typically unsuccessful and dangerous.

In Canada, around six million people have met the criteria for addiction in their lifetime. Most of these people have, at one point or the other, tried to detox independently and failed. That is why it is always better to submit yourself to a medical facility to supervise your detoxification.

Natural detoxification is an excellent choice if you follow the right processes. Keep reading this guide to get the best tips for natural addiction detox.

How to Do Natural Addiction Detox

Detoxing in the home is usually a more comfortable option for recovering addicts. The confinement of a medical detox facility can affect the already-stressed mental health of the patient. However, detoxing within the home is dangerous with the wrong processes.

Here are the proper steps to follow to detox naturally;

1. Visit an Expert

The first step in any addiction recovery is to contact an expert. The input of the professional is first to evaluate the extent of the addiction and predict the withdrawal symptoms. Also, experts are in the best position to prescribe natural substances and diets for detoxification.

If you are a Canadian citizen, public rehabilitation facilities are free, so you can capitalize on this to visit an expert. However, it is always better to call an affordable private facility for a more personalized experience. For instance, an addiction detox program in Ontario costs around $6,000.

After evaluating the addiction’s extent, you can hire a professional to supervise the patient’s progress during natural detox. All you need to do is pick a day when the expert will re-evaluate the patient.

visit an expert

2. Involve Family and Friends

Addiction recovery is a critical activity that requires you to be discreet. However, going through the process alone isn’t great. You need to involve friends and family through every stage.

Depending on your unique situation, your friends and family are the closest people to you and probably live with you. Involving them in your addiction detox program is critical to the success of the process. You don’t have to let everyone around you know – two trusted people are enough.

You must be sure of the friends and family you tell about the addiction problem. For instance, if your friends and family are also suffering from addiction, they’re the wrongest people to tell.

3. Take Lots of Water

It’s easy to neglect water and its benefits. But if you must go through natural addiction detox, water is critical.

A major benefit of water in addiction recovery is how it helps to transport waste products. Water will help transport the substances in your body as waste products through sweat or urine.

You may also suffer symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea during detox, causing you to lose lots of water. In turn, water loss can escalate into headaches, and muscle pains, among others. Drinking water during addiction recovery will replenish what you’ve lost.

According to experts, men should take about 3.7 litres of water daily, while women should take 2.7 litres. Increase the amount of water intake during natural drug detox; five litres daily is okay. The more water in your system, the faster you detoxify.

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take lots of water

4. Change Your Diet

The most important of all natural addiction detox steps is changing the diet. Your diet must adjust if you don’t want to take drugs for drug detox.

You’re changing your diet during natural drug detox to introduce better nutrients to the body. These nutrients will eliminate the toxins introduced by the drugs in the body.

It’s always better to contact an expert to give you a comprehensive list of meals to consume during detox. However, here is a list of meals you can consume:

  • Ginger and turmeric
  • Eggs
  • Coconuts
  • Fish
  • Omega-3 oils
  • Spinach and other vegetables
  • Juicy fruits
  • Berries

Changing your diet during addiction detox is probably the most challenging part. The first step is to shy away from processed foods and sugar. These meals can cause lots of diseases, affecting organs like the liver.

It is vital to note that you may lose your appetite during drug detox and even vomit when you eat. This will cause you to lose interest in eating during the process. However, you must consume healthy meals consistently to hasten the detox process.

5. Start Exercising

Addiction detox is a journey with a lot of mixed emotions. You can’t afford to make the mistake of getting overwhelmed by these emotions. The perfect way to get rid of these emotions is by exercising.

When you exercise, you’re working on your physical body and mind. Sweat during exercise is another excellent way to remove the substance toxins from your body. Additionally, you will be getting your mind in perfect shape.

Exercising during natural drug detox doesn’t mean you should engage in the most strenuous exercises. Some of the best activities you can get involved in include;

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Light and friendly sports
  • Squats

6. Change Community

Addiction detox is a patient process requiring time and consistency to succeed. If you reside around the community where you used to abuse the substance, it is always better to move out.

Any memory, friend, or occurrence can remind you of the substance abuse and increase your cravings. It’s better to leave the neighbourhood and never come back ultimately.

We’ll also advise that you join an addiction recovery circle/community. These communities are helpful, as you’ll listen to recovery journies and get motivated.

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change community

In the End

Natural addiction detox is possible if you have the required discipline and a less severe drug abuse habit. It is always better to take consistent baby steps during detoxification instead of great inconsistent efforts.

For instance, exercising for thirty minutes every day is better than doing two hours on Saturdays.

You’ll get better detox results with the intervention of addiction treatment professionals. At Medical Detox Ontario, we have the best addiction procedures curated by our team of experts.

Visit our detox centre for holistic programs that include elements of natural detox. Or call 1 (888) 899-9458 to book a consultation session.

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